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Hi I'm Alma

I'm here to make your beauty visible and your moments unforgettable.

Beside my top education in photography from Brooks Institute, USA, I have an experience of over 25 years in the business. I have photographed hundreds of CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs and employees. You can find my portraits on company websites, in catalogues, on book-covers as well as on social media profiles of successful entrepreneurs worldwide. 


A Day in a Life Photoshoot

Just a few years before I lost my father, I accompanied him with my camera for a day. After he passed away I was so glad we had spent this day together and realised the real value of the photographs that I had taken.

I also realised that the most people don’t really have good photos of themselves, their parents and grandparents. High quality photos that tell their story and show how they lived. Photos to be passed on to future generations.

This was the spark for the idea of “A Day in a Life” photoshoot. A Day in a Life comes in three different sizes: A two hour session, A Moment, that will give 60 images. A Visit, four hours including 120 images and A Day, 6 hours with at least 300 images. All images are delivered in full resolution as well for social media. I also offer you the possibility to put together beautiful books on my website, or I can do it for you.

Here is a small example from my favourite Day in a Life photoshoot.

If you want to book an appointment or get more details please contact me by clicking this link CONTACT ME

Business-Lifestyle Photoshoot

Entrepreneurs are busy people. Preparing for a photoshoot and going to a photographer is time consuming. Many feel uncomfortable when being photographed and an unknown surroundings like a studio doesn't help.

That is why I come to you. I photograph you in your environment where you feel comfortable. I help you prepare for the photoshoot, choose the wardrobe and location and I will guide through the photoshoot. You will not feel uncomfortable, you will have fun and after our session together, you will have a bunch of images of you that you are proud of. 

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Testimonials - square (2000 × 1000 px)
Testimonials - square (2000 × 1000 px)

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