Túristaferð með Alf


I packed my camera, left Iceland and travelled across the Atlantic to study photography at Brooks Institute California. Moved to Switzerland, founded my business and after 25 years, I’m ready for the road again.

The childhood present I remember the most is when my father gave me a camera on my 10th birthday. Before that I had loved to play with my mothers old folding camera but there never came any images out of that film-less camera. It was fully automatic compact camera and came with those funny flash cube you put on the top, 4 flashes in a cube. This little piece gave me the power to capture a moment before it disappears, never to return again. It gave me the opportunity to share that moment with others and it gave me a tool that I knew would help me to remember the moments of my life and the people I loved. From that day on my camera was my true companion. Everywhere I went I took the camera with me, carefully selecting moments to remember as film and development was costly.

11 years later I left Iceland with my first DSLR an Olympus, my Swiss husband and over 100kg in luggage. We flew across the Atlantic to Santa Barbara, California, where I wanted to pursue my passion and become a professional photographer. Time flew by. Brooks Institute of Photography was one of the top three schools in the US and I enjoyed every day I spent there.

After 4 years we moved to Switzerland, me holding a BA in Commercial/Advertising photography and our 2 year old son. Starting out in Switzerland without any network was hard but in 1995 I founded my company fotografie-bilddesign (photography-photodesign). I started working as a freelance photographer for a big commercial photo-studio as well as doing weddings during the summer weekends. Step by step my clientele grew, all coming to me by word of mouth. I was doing a lot of studio work, product shots and portraits as well as architecture, reportage and events. For some companies all categories and those jobs were my favourites.

After being in business for 25 years, successfully living on my photography while raising two children, single handily since 99, I am ready for the road again. Last year I bought my self a van and started travelling to online entrepreneurs in nearby countries. I photographed them in their own surroundings. That saved them time, helped them to be more relaxed and gave them professional, authentic images which lets them outshine their competition. On this path I want to continue. 

September 2019 I gave up our apartment of 23 years to pursue my dream of travelling. The fall I enjoyed in Switzerland photographing and hiking. On the 21. of November I embarked on a trip, again transatlantic but this time on a cruise. 30 entrepreneurs gathered together, to work on their businesses and masterminding. I made the moments unforgettable with my camera, listened and learned. After a month in Guadeloupe I returned to Switzerland to spend time with my children. Now I'm preparing my next trip, Switzerland to Iceland. I start in March and on my way I will photograph some amazing entrepreneurs. Will you be one of them?

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