...and what that says about me

Photography has many categories: People, still live, architecture, food, macro, reportage, nature, weddings….. While there is almost no category in photography I don’t like there is one that is my absolute favorite and that is, detail photography. Now, before I start telling you why I'm so fascinated with detail photography let me explain what it is and what the difference to macro photography is.

Macro photography "is extreme close-up photography,  in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size" whereas detail is “a part of a whole”. A detail can be big or small. The milky way is a detail of the universe, the earth is a detail of the milky way. A detail of the earth, could be the north-pole, a detail of the north-pole, a glacier, a detail of the glacier, a crack in it…and so forth.

Pretty logical so far, right? Now, what do I find so fascinating about that?

First of all, a detail can tell a story without showing the whole. Just imagine the hand of on old person holding the hand of a baby.

Second reason is simplicity. When I focus on a detail I’m exploring a part of the whole that has caught my interest. Focusing on the detail leads to blending out distractions. I’m simplifying the image which allows me to play with forms, lines, colors and textures and even turn something not so photogenic into something interesting and beautiful. These images often end up being graphic or even abstract, not revealing at the first moment what is being displayed.

The closer I get, the more fun I’m having, thus my favorite details go into macro photography which leads to the third and biggest reason.

With the help of my macro lens, I start seeing something that I couldn’t see with my bare eyes, a whole new world opens up to me. A world full of new subjects, patterns and textures. It's like treasure hunting, a world full of wonders we don't normally see. With my photography I'm making beauty visible to others and that is what I love.


Sometimes when I’m down, I grab my camera with my 100mm macro on it and go for a walk. These walks normally end up being long, time-wise, but short in distance. I enjoy this especially in the spring when the nature is waking up from the winter-sleep. I might see a branch with its first leaves, an apple tree just starting to bloom or just the sunlight reflecting in a drop of dew. Actually all of the season have their details. The summer with its cornfields, the fall with its intensive colors and the winter with its crystals. When I return home, I’m filled with energy and gratefulness.

The only thing is that these kind of images have been filling up my hard discs for years. I rarely find time to finish them since they are not first priority, not an assigned job. This is going to change this year. I will finish my images and make them accessible to people through an online shop, my photo-shop…. coming soon.

This is my first blog article I write and if I had chosen the topic it most likely would have been something else. The reason for this topic, and my first blog, is that I signed up to this blog challenge called #BoomBoomBlog. I hadn’t planned to start blogging yet, I’m busy enough launching my next Sophisticated Selfie course. I know Judith Peters or Sympatexter as she calls herself and I was curious as I noticed she was doing this challenge. I thought I might check it out and learn for later but she was so inspiring that I decided to go all in.

I didn’t have to reflect for a long time to figure out what I loved the most about my profession, it could have been a hobby too. It was supposed to be the one thing I could imagine to do repeatedly for a long period of time.

Now, since everything we like or dislike tells a story about who we are, I asked myself, what does my love for detail photography say about me? I hadn’t looked at it from this perspective before. Still it reflected so clearly my interest for details outside of photography.

I don’t like superficial. I’m not interested in small talk, quite honestly I think it’s a waist of time. When I meet a person I find interesting, I want to get to know that person on a deep level, just as I do when I’m photographing a flower. First I might take a picture of the whole but then I notice something interesting and put my focus there, diving deeper and every time it’s a new image.

This reflects in other areas of my life as well. I am very curious and love to learn. When I'm learning something new l like to dive deep until I’ve learned everything I need to know.

That’s how my love for detail has lead me to love detail photography.

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